Surfing in the Portuguese paradise

When I first visited Portugal in 2016, I immediately fell in love with this country and its own, unique lifestyle. The only thing I had during that journey, was a tend, not much euros and a few pieces of jewelry which I would sell or swap for a surfboard. Although that experience turned out to be one of my best life story-lessons, accompanied by amazing people and friendships- I decided it was time to travel around Portugal by van + surf whenever possible.

And so it happened. The next two times we managed to rent a car/van and surfboards in order to fully live this Portuguese experience. I don't know about you, but in my opinion there is no other country like Portugal. Endless coastlines, beautiful cliffs, ocean's horizon which reminds me of how much courage men once had! Surfer and vans everywhere. What is more, you get delicious fruits and veggies, sardines and pastel + espresso combo (this one is a true love <3).

A few pictures from our last trip and a short video showing our daily routine:



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