My vision


I grew up in Poland. Since I was a little girl, I never could sit still. Always had to be outdoors. Action sports have become a major part of my life very quickly. When I was 15, I moved to Italy where I started to train alpine skiing and compete internationally. The unique experience of being an athlete, became a major lesson of my life. It taught me to work harder, be determinate and believe in my dreams.


After a few years of ski racing I begun to study Journalism and Branding at the university in Poland. In the meantime, I followed my passion for active living, nature and adventure. I discovered that I feel most connected to our plant and to the power of 'now', while doing sports: windsurfing, surfing, skiing, climbing or simply wandering. 


I am an introvert and you will rarely see me talking about feelings. However, I do believe we are here in order to experience. To experience means to live fully, live consciously and let our souls create. Whether it is up or down, sad or happy, simple or complicated- what counts at the end of the day, is not the destination itself. It is all about that crazy journey called life. And the most powerful tool we can use to fully experience each moment is love. 

My strange desire to experience the unknown, led me to various places and situations: I studied in the United States as an exchange student, lived on the beaches of Greece and Portugal, skied in Kazakhstan or wandered through the Dolomites (all those moments were accompanied by beautiful people for who I am forever grateful for).

Biggest dream? Work on something that could help the world become a better place at least a little bit. For now, my goal is to be able to connect my fields of interest, use the branding knowledge I gained and always have time for travelling and for the loved ones. Besides, I want to get to know as much things as possible and learn constantly (dance, write, create, play the ukulele, watch sunsets, eat well, stay outdoors). 

So my goal here is to create and surround myself with love for others and for our beautiful planet. I know it is anything but easy and probably I have already failed thousandths of time. But I have a feeling that standing up and trying again is always worth it.

Contact: |  Tel: +48 660 612 970

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